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Default All time great howto's

Since we are using debian stable to create a server with ISPconfig. I figure these would be solid howto's on how to make debian a little more up to date.

1) A how to on setting up Java and debian together with ISPconfig.
2) A how to on how to get newer deb packages put on Sarge (3.1) and not break ISPconfig.
3) Last but not least how to setup oscommerce, with the proper mysql db so users can run a commerce site with ISPconfig.

Again asking a lot so I am very sorry, but these are just suggestion for an already great site. I figured out a while ago these are the how to's that are somewhat valuable, number 3 being probaby the most functional out of all of them. However, number 3 could very well mean that number 2 needs the required updates.
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