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Default The perfect Server Ubuntu 8.04 -- got STUCK

hello All, Im pretty new to Ubuntu though been using the ubuntu desktop more than a year and mostly openoffice, so now I decided to try UBUNTU server edition 8.04. found an old PIII 866 MHz which now my host hardware. everything on board just added power supply, HD and memory.

I have read "The Perfect Server ...." ver 8.04 and follow direction except I selected all the option instead of installing it one by one.

I got stuck on step 7: /etc/init.d/networking restart resulting an Error regarding eth0.
eth0: error while getting interface flags: no such devices... failed eth0... somthing like that.

I found solution from other forum of which recommended to edit /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules of which I did.

I pass that process (I think) but when I got into the next one /etc/hosts...

hostname -f

I'm not getting same value, and hostname -f actually an error: lookup fail.

pls help... I'm stuck, spend lot of hours last night looking for solution. Is this problem related to above, because I edited ...-net.rules???

thanks in advance
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