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Default ISPC3 SVN postfix mess?

I'm not sure if I messed up something during the install of SVN ISPC3 (r490) but the mail delivery is not working correctly.

I admit I modified the config (in the web gui) to use /var/vmail instead of /home/vmail. I created a test Client, Email domain ( and Email Mailbox The folder structure /var/vmail/[cur,new,tmp] was created (no Maildir folder?)

When I send a mail locally postfix dumps it into /var/vmail/Maildir mbox file.

I logged in to IMAP using Thunderbird and was met with an empty Inbox. Deleted folder was displayed as a subfolder of Inbox.

Courier had created the folder courierimapkeywords and files courierimapsubscribed and courierimapuiddb, within /var/vmail/

I'm used to working with exim4 and dovecot, so have no idea where to start debugging why postfix (or maildrop, or however it all fits together) doesn't deliver to the correct place or why .Trash appears as a subfolder to Inbox.
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