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Originally Posted by quentusrex View Post
"Client created domains end up in clients/client0/webX yet symlinks are created to them in clients/clientY."

Yup. there is a bug here. It seems that I have found if the admin creates a website for a client, then the website is not added to the client's folder, but rather to the admin's folder.

I think that the problem lies when the site is created and how the clients id is retrieved. But after looking at file interface/web/sites/web_domain_edit.php I think this could be a feature rather than a bug. It's worth asking Till about.
I think we misunderstand each other . Say I have a client with ID 3. The admin creates them a website, ID 7. The folder structure /var/clients/client3/web7 gets created. The symlinks /var/www/ and /var/clients/client3/ both point to /var/clients/client3/web7

However if client 3 then creates a website, ID 8 this gets created as /var/clients/client0/web8. The symlinks /var/www/ and /var/clients/client3/ both point at /var/clients/client0/web8
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