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Default Installing Moodle on ISPconfig server.

I have moved some moodle installs (v1.5.3+) to a new webserver running ISPConfig. I think it is working in that I can see the site, users, files, etc.

The next stage was to upgrade (v1.6 -> 1.8 -> 1.9) which I've spent hours today tying to do...the problems I am having with this make me suspect that the main install may also have a problem.

When upgrading I get permissions error on the moodledata directory ("can't find or create file /var/xxxx/xxx/xxx/"). On other servers I have put moodledata in /var/www/moodledata (777) with the install in /var/www/html/xxxx and this works fine.

The client area in ISPConfig is, for example, /var/www/web20/ with the website in /var/www/web20/web/. So I've put the moodle install there and the files in /var/www/web20/moodledata. Now there is a problem: whatever permissions I use I get this find/create file error when trying to upgrade. I've tried 777, 707, changing the owner:group to apache:apache, using +s to try to force the ownership to remain with the web20 user, moving the data directory to /var/www/ and /var/www/html/ (i.e outside the clients own area) and even into /srv/ but all to no avail. In each case there are error messages with the moodle unable to create new files and/or directories.

Has anyone done this and have a definiative set of permissions and locations for this directory under ISPConfig?

All help gratefully received. Especially as this is the last day of half term and it will be being used on Monday...!
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