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Default email receiving died ??? + report a bug in ispconfig email add/remove

I did set up ispconfig and suse 11.0 from scratch again, after some initial tries, and to avoid the errors I made earlier.

Everything seemed to work fine after I was ready, and also after the restart of my box (after having solved that I had to add some extra ports for proftpd to my firewall)

now suddenly after 2-3 days, I still am able to send mail from all the domains, but receiving mail doesn't seem to work anymore. I sure didn't change anything to the box as far as I know, and I am not able to see any error messages in the log files I think i need to check (mail.log, mail.warn, mail.error,
since I'm new to ispconfig and pretty new to mailserver isssues I was wondering if one of you ppl could give me some clues about where to start looking.

Furthermore I want to report a bug:
I added a new mailuser in one of my webs, but forgot to set a pwd. So I deleted that email user again. Now it seems impossible to add that email user new again, since ispconfig keeps complaining that the email still exists. I have no clue where to look to remove that erreneous email user, so I can add it again.
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