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Originally Posted by jchaven
I have several .shtml pages that I have moved from Apache2 on Windows to Apache2 on Debian that are not loading. I can visit the individual pages that are included on the index page and they load normally -- they just do get included.
Do you get any errors?

Originally Posted by jchaven
With Apache2 on Windows I configured SSI using the "httpd.conf" file just as in Apache1. On Debian it appears Apache is configured with the config "apache2.conf" instead of "httpd.conf" -- there is no apache2.conf on my Windows machine.
Yes, on Debian Sarge with Apache 2 it's apache2.conf instead of httpd.conf.

Originally Posted by jchaven
So, what am I supposed to do? Should I edit the httpd.conf? Use .htaccess? I would like to configure this the recommended way but, the documentation appears to contradict itself.

Thanks in advance,
Normally, you would edit apache2.conf. But I don't think you must change anything in apache2.conf - I've never had problems with SSI in the standard configuration on Debian. I think the problem is that you did not enable the include module. Please run this:

a2enmod include
and restart Apche.
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