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Default Ubuntu 8.04 and systemimager

Ok I have been trying to setup systemimager on Ubuntu 8.04 for about a week using info off the internet. Needless to say Im pretty patient but cannot get it installed leave alone working .

Is there any guide that works that would make this easier ? I have been through 12 server installs after experimenting with various different deb,tar,gz files. i have had dependencies missing and not installing properly , I have forced installs of deb files in an effort to give the stupid program its dependencies and ended up with trashed ubuntu server installs and had to start from scratch.

Any chance of a Perfect systemimage server walkthough for people like me ? ( judging from the web there are plenty of us :O )

I'd even change to a different distro to get it working , however i do need to backup feisty fawn servers to it so ubuntu was the natural choice for the systemimager server !


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