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Originally Posted by till View Post

2) execute:

3) No. Why shall we dupliacte the effort to writa webmail application as all common webmail packages that support pop3 or imap are compatible with ispconfig.

4) no.

5) ISPConfig 3 is beta, so there might be problems. But especially the mailserver part is very solid in ispconfoig 3 and there are no open bugs for this part and no changes planned until the final version, I use the mail server as production server for nearly a year now without any problems.
Thanks for your response Till.
I have another question if you don't mind;

When a client creates a new SQL database, the 'host' is automatically set to '%'. The user is then unable to log into phpmyadmin using his username and password he select for the specific database.

Once I change the host from '%' to 'localhost', they have no problems logging in after that. I'm wondering if there is a way to set the default Host to 'localhost' rather then '%' when a new DB is created?
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