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Now I understand what you meant.

1) I know that I can "patch" the files. I already had them patched. The thing is that I have 6 servers with ispconfig and I would like to have "as falko" left them when he installed, if possible. I am after having the reverse zones fine for a long time, and if it can be done by ispconfig "directly" better. It is a hard job to keep patched the files of 6 servers.

2) I did not explain my self correctly to the "forgot the whole story". You where quoting a text I wrote the 16 of Setptember. Falko already directed me to the new version of ispconfig to solve the problem the next day (17/Sept/2008). Today I am working in solving the "reverse zone file" thing with this new "feature" of ispconfig 2.2.25.

3) I already have them "patched" "manually" as I said in point 1.
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