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Originally Posted by lrider View Post
I am sorry Till but I don´t get it.
I know there is something that I am missing and I don't know what.

If my server has only one IP how come I am going to serve the reverse zone of somebody else IP or IP-range.

Per example:

I have the IP range
I have one server with IP
My reverse zone is (set up by my provider)
I have DNS records of domains that I redirect the "www" and MX entries to other servers.
I also manage webs and mail of domains that point to me but I don't have their DNS records.

I had to change the customized/named.conf.master for it to add a "192" before the {ZONE} so it would work for me.

Actualy in my server I have 7 "" zones when I sould only have 2, the "" and the ""

Why are the other 5 zones created.

I found out that they are the reverse zones of IP addresses I have asigned to an "A Record" of a domain I host.

Per example:
I have a "A record (WWW)" for a DNS Entry pointing to because the web is served by another company.
This IP is not mine.
ISPConfig creates a "". ¿?¿?

I could understand if there where as many reverse zones created as IP Addresses are in the "Management-->Server-->Settings-->IP List" plus the "Management-->Server-->Settings-->IP Address" since this are the only IPs the server is going to manage as it does with the "/etc/httpd/conf/vhosts/Vhosts_ispconfig.conf" file (at least if it is connected directly to internet)

Thanks in advance for your time and explanation.
Sorry to chip in, but I would just get the file names/paths and rewrite the whole DNS manually from the scratch. Let us know if you need help with this.
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