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Question General ISPCONFIG 3 Questions

First off I would like to say that I love the new Template / Theme that your using in the latest SVN Repository version.

I've currently have ISPCONFIG install on Ubuntu 8.04.

I have a few general questions here in regards to ISPCONFIG 3 and its features:
1.)The installation READ ME file has us install Webalizer but I do not know where to access the Webalizer Stats page. Specific url?

2.) Is there an easy way to upgrade the SVN Repository versions / or the Current beta

3.) Webmail, Any plans to integrate webmail into the CP?

4.) Is there any additional documentation for ISPCONFIG 3? Googling does not come up with a lot of information regarding it.

5.) I do have a mini hosting business going and I'm planning on upgrading everything very shortly. I'm wondering if I should use ISPCONFIG 3 for Production or should I just stick with the latest ISPCONFIG 2.x?
I prefer the look and feel of ISOCONFIG 3 over 2.x, but I'm a little unsure what to go with at this time.

I seem to have a few mailServer issues as well running 3... I'm currently working that though.
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