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Default What I did

Thanks for your response Till,

I had been ill for a few days and I dont know what I was thinking when I messed up the permissions. This is what I did, I noticed that one of my domains had the groups all set too nobody. I never fooled around with getting suPHP working so I do remember changing some files and directories to www-data a long time ago.

I went to /var/www and did this.

server:/var/www#chgrp -R web10 web10/

I don't know what I was thinking. Anyways, it changed all the directories and everything to the nobody group and www-data user.

I should have used:

chown -R user:group directory

but i wasnt thinking and it changed everything in the /var/www directory to the nobody group and the www-data user.

Anyways I fixed the permissions manually. It also changed the permissions of my symlinks though. I used:

chown -h

on all the symlinks. I also chgrp'd the directories:


to the root group which i was only guessing was correct.

Also, all the symlinks belong to the user:


which im not sure is correct or not. I appreciate all your help btw.

I'm kinda nervous to do anything quickly now, as i dont want to mess anything else up.

When you mentioned to:

update isp_isp_web set status = 'u' WHERE status = '';

Should I do this within phpmyadmin in ispconfigdb?

Thanks again for your help.
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