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Default Remoting Framework

I am trying to set up Remoting Framework so I can add users to a website remotely.

Do we still need to change the ISPConfig install script so it doesn't disable xml? If so, is there a way to do it retroactively as I've already installed ISPConfig 2.2.27.

I also installed remoting framework, added a user, checked all the little boxes under the user, and uncommented the function to add a reseller in the test.php file, and I when I browse to, I get
Script end ...
but it doesn't actually create a reseller.

Also, can you still use Remoting Framework to add users? I had this working a long time ago and used the following:

// Add User
$params = array (         'sid'        => $session_id,
                                        'module'         => 'web',
                                        'function'         => 'user_add',
                                        'params'        => array ( web_title => '',  // web_title or web_id
                                        user_username => $new_username_field,
                                        user_name => $first_name,
                                        user_email => $new_username_field,
                                        user_passwort => $new_password_field,
                                        user_speicher => 0,
                                        user_mailquota => 1000,
                                        user_admin => 0

$user_id = $soap_client->call('service',$params);
if($err = $soap_client->getError()) die("Error: ".$err);
I tried it and again got "script end..." without it adding a user.
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