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Default Domain won't delete, New Domain Won't Add

For some reason, "" continues to regenerate into the NAMED.CONF even though I deleted it out, and there is NO zone file. This causes my named to crash. It was a site that has been deleted from ISPConfig entirely.

From that, I tried adding a new domain "" and it will not add the DNS zone files by itself. If I attempt to do it in the DNS Manager, it says that I already have DNS files created. But, they are not listed ANYWHERE on the webpage. I have to do it all manually in SSH.

How can I get the old domain to delete and get ISPConfig to add the DNS for the new one properly? is a RE-ADDED domain that was removed several months ago.

After searching db_ispconfig via PHPMYADMIN I found numerous entries for the domains:

1 match(es) inside table dns_a Browse Delete
2 match(es) inside table dns_cname Browse Delete
0 match(es) inside table dns_dep
1 match(es) inside table dns_isp_dns
3 match(es) inside table dns_mx Browse Delete
1 match(es) inside table dns_nodes Browse Delete
1 match(es) inside table isp_isp_domain
1 match(es) inside table isp_nodes Browse Delete

1 match(es) inside table dns_isp_dns
1 match(es) inside table dns_nodes

How can I remove all of the information for those domains without screwing up ISPCONFIG so that I can re-add INTRAC.NET successfully, and no longer have GAMEWRECK showing up?

THANKS a lot!

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