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Default Howto suggestion suse PhP ver 4 + Ver 5

edit: forget all this junk ( I have edited it all out anyway), see later thread in this post. Thanks to Falko for getting me back on the right track.

=========original post before edits =====================
After following the suse 10 howto (and despite my fooling around and breaking a few things ) I now have a fully operational web and email server that works with secure mail transport with every mail client I have tried and can remotely add users etc.


Wait, wait for it, you know its coming -

But, (see, you knew it was coming, the dreaded "But" ) now that I am all setup my users almost instantly asked me for a group calendar and shared contact/address book program. The problem is everything I find is for PHP4 and wont, at least the 3 I tried, run on PHP5. I found the tutorials on debian on running PHP5 as a mod and PHP4 as CGI and while I tried to emulate them on SuSE, I did not get far.

As it appears that almost all the mature applications are PHP4 I need to be able to run it. Actually I think I would prefer to have PHP4 as the default thru-out the system. The good news is that the sever is still just a test box and not in production so I can do anything to it I want for the next couple of weeks.

Would love a SuSE 10 how to on getting PHP4 on the machine after the perfect install or as an option during the initial perfect setup. If possible with PHP4 installed as the primary (highest performance) PHP version and PHP5 as the alternative.

Perhaps my perception of applications is incorrect but it appears from my 2 days of digging thru sourceforge and freshmeat that it will be a while before we have php5 mature apps.

Anyway, give it some thought, even a quick and dirty do this, do this, do this, to get php4 on as a CGI alternative would be greatly appreciated (and save my ass ) I know you are super busy so thanks for even considering it.

Back to goggle hoping to find enough info to do it myself but with small hope of success.

Best Regards:
Bill Parrish.
<old csh programmer overwhelmed with apache and system stuff >

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