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Default ISPConfig & Nameserver

Hi All,

Sorry I am new to this, and could do with a quick explanation of how nameservers work.

OK a little about the system.

I followed the ISPConfig perfect install on Debian, and found no problem a great tutorial.

My setup.

Debian IP Address -
this is static from my router.
Router IP address is dynamic.
I have setup a forwarding using

Now my questions regard pointing a domain address to one of the webs?

1: - Nameserver - do i need to set this up locally? if so is a valid ip address for the nameserver?
2: - If i do need to set one up locally what should the name be and does this need registering anywhere else? For example how will now where my nameserver address comes from?
3: - I already have a domain name with an existing host, how do I transfer that name across to my server?

As you can probably tell I have no idea how nameservers work, for example if I point towards a local nameserver how does it now which domains webpage to open?

Any help for this complete noob would be gratefully received.
Or any direction towards good tutorials.


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