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Default ISPConfig - URL Not Reachable

I have installed OpenSuSe 11 following the instructions on the HowToForge site, setting the machine up as a server.

My aim is to use this as a webserver - I am a home user.

The installation all seems to have completed successfully, however I am unsure how I can connect to the machine via another PC in the house (all other machines are Windows XP/Vista), but I assumed I would be able to connect to my server via the IP address or something similar. If I can do this, could you advise what I should be looking for to indicate a problem?

Also, I have downloaded ISPConfig and run the installation. All seems ok until I get to the please enter your mysql user etc. The first questions are ok, then it says "Please enter the host name", I put www. Next, "please enter the domain" whatever I try at this point i get "The URL is not reachable!"

I am now stuck.

I am totally new to all of this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for you help!

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