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falko, disregard the email I sent you today on the error I was getting. I fixed that.

I now have the users jailed as needed. Nice howto by the way.

The only problem is that once the user logs in, they do go to the appropriate directory (/home/www/webx/web/), but while testing it, I was able to "cd /" and go to the /home/www/webx directory adn I want to keep them in a level no lower than the web directory.

I have the bin, dev, etc, lib, and usr directories stored in /home/www/webx.

Here is what the user looks like in both passwd files (main and chroot):
Did I overlook something?

Also, I am not able to use WinSCP3 to login with the user. Have you tried using WinSCP with any success? I believe they have a bug within the application???
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