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I wrote before, i compiled the xen kernel from source, and i did, but it didn't feel like i did it myself, i was following your (falko) instructions.

When i need to change something what is not in the howto, like this acpi, then i'm lost hahah
I tried to solve it, searched on google and google groups and everything read a lot of posts.

I did surfed thru the menuconfig sub menu's so i was kind of warm
I used the search option / in the menuconfig.

It did found 2 acpi entries about pnp. I thought that where not the right acpi options. so i didn't select those. I wasn't sure menuconfig is used to add kernel options, now i do

After a good night of sleep i started again with "Make menuconfig" and there it is right in front of my nose duh. If i did it right it should now being added to the kernel.

wel its not added to the kernel so i'm stil doing something wrong.
i'm going to install the whole host system again maybe that'l help.

I did a clean sarge install on the host system.
I'm now at the point to configure "make menuconfig" again and again the acpi options are gone so i think its not possible to add acpi modules into xen kernel.

I'm lost

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