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Default Really Simple DNS Question

Ive been having trouble getting the DNS on my sites to function properly. I have 9 different sites, and Ive been having difficultly accessing them in different ways. For the most part all my sites can be accessed by typing in

My first problem is that one of my sites gives the shared IP error when I do this, but I can access it by typing in

My second problem is that none of my sites can be accessed by just typing in Some go to the parking page from, and others give the shared IP error but none work. For the A record I have = the server's IP and then another A record with = the server's IP (the hostname is left blank)

I am using to host my domains and know that I need to add some DNS record but Im not sure what.

All of my sites work by typing when I set the A record on's website for the site to hostname www, record answer: my public IP address.

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