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Originally Posted by marpada View Post
When the client wants to send a mail to, it must resolve the MX record for the domain (that is,, so I suggest to check DNS resolution from the client.

# ping
# dig MX
# dig

and so.
Hi marpada,

I think my case is different and a little bid complicate. Some data are under mysql.

Without mysql just adding;
virtual_mailbox_domains =
Then the problem may be solved with mails delivered to /hom/vmail/

Now in my case
virtual_mailbox_domains = proxy:mysql:/etc/postfix/
# cat /etc/postfix/
user = mail_admin
password = mypassword
dbname = mail
table = domains
select_field = 'virtual'
where_field = domain
hosts =

I'll leave the problem unsolved for the time being. Finish building the mail server according to Falko's howto first to see what will happen there. The steps on building these 2 mail servers are quite similar.

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