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Originally Posted by satimis View Post
I think nothing in connection with DNS resolution.

I found the trick. If the address is the mail is rejected.

# tail /var/log/mail.log
Oct 17 11:58:26 xen01 postfix/smtp[1717]: 8BAEA205A8: to=<>,[]:25, delay=1.2, delays=1.1/0.01/0.09/0, dsn=5.4.6, status=bounced (mail for loops back to myself)
Oct 17 11:58:26 xen01 postfix/cleanup[1716]: 7C32720673: message-id=<>
Oct 17 11:58:26 xen01 postfix/qmgr[1534]: 7C32720673: from=<>, size=3195, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Oct 17 11:58:26 xen01 postfix/bounce[1720]: 8BAEA205A8: sender non-delivery notification: 7C32720673
Oct 17 11:58:26 xen01 postfix/qmgr[1534]: 8BAEA205A8: removed
Oct 17 11:58:26 xen01 postfix/smtpd[1718]: disconnect from unknown[]
Oct 17 11:58:26 xen01 postfix/smtpd[1712]: disconnect from[]
Oct 17 11:58:30 xen01 postfix/smtp[1717]: 7C32720673: host[] refused to talk to me: 421 Message from ( temporarily deferred - 4.16.50. Please refer to
Oct 17 11:58:31 xen01 postfix/smtp[1717]: 7C32720673: to=<>,[]:25, delay=5.5, delays=0/0/4.6/0.89, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 ok dirdel)
Oct 17 11:58:31 xen01 postfix/qmgr[1534]: 7C32720673: removed

If addressing the mail to it arrived.
When the client wants to send a mail to, it must resolve the MX record for the domain (that is,, so I suggest to check DNS resolution from the client.

# ping
# dig MX
# dig

and so.
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