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Originally Posted by falko
And did you forward port 25 from that antivirus/antispam hardware to your SMTP server? Haven't you tried the IP address of your SMTP server itself?
Yes, forwarding was done on the hardware. The SMTP server's IP is a private IP, 192.168.*.* and not a public IP. The configuration on the antivirus/antispam hardware is to have all SMTP traffic forwarded to that private IP.

Originally Posted by falko
There are so many different mail server setups, they all differ very much or at least slightly, so I don't think there's a tool... This is manual work...
Well, I guess I don't have any choice. I'll try doing manually transferring. For the users, I'll just make a text file and upload it to the mysql database and table and just give them a default password for the meantime. My problem will be the transferring of their emails.
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