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Default Migrating an existing domain's users to Google for Domains

Hi all:

I have several clients, who are moving email services off of the ISPConfig hosted server to google for domains. They were using the accounts provided by ISPConfig, and many of them have crontabs, shells, admin rights etc, so I can't delete them.

However, they also have the original email addresses setup in Postfix's virtualuserstable. When a webapp, the system, etc try and email these users, Postfix sends the message to the local Maildir instead of looking up the new MX and sending the mail onword.

I don't see a clear way to fix this in the web panel. I can't edit the postfix files, since ISPConfig will rewrite them. Do I need to manually modify the database for this level of customization? Is there a better way?

More details upon request..
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