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I will try to be more clear on my objectives:

I have an ispconfig server, using 3 IP addresses for websites. I modified ispconfig to listen to port 443 on only one dedicated additional IP. So, I've used now 4 IP addresses.

I wanted to configure VMware to listen to port 80/443 on another separate IP address on that same server. However, VMware claims all IP addresses on the server, so inluding the ones reserved for ispconfig. I wanted it to use the fifth IP address.

As a workaround I have now reconfigured VMware to use the default 8222 and 8333 addresses. That works. But in the end I want to have everything on 80/443, as I sometimes have to work behind a proxy that filters everything but 80/443. In that case I won't be able to connect to my VMware server running on 8222/8333.

Also, combining VMware and ispconfig makes ispconfig complain about Apache not running, but it is running. I will have to figure that one out also......
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