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Thanks for your willing to help!..

So, after many many re-installs and re-configurations i have reached at this point:

-New accounts are created, they are able to send e-mails

-If the administrator user creates a folder there is no-way to delete it afterwards (permission denied)

-Isn't needed to create the cyrus admin user first? Because in config files there is an account cyrus with blank password...and of course imp cannot login..

-Finally there is something with horde's config because when first loading a page not all menus are shown except if i press reload button

When i was installing the packages i noticed some errors on php packets about 'file not found' from tmp directory and something like this but couldn't find any logs for this...

I know there are a lot and various problems, thats why i am wondering if they are due to different version from 5.1 to 5.2...

Thank you for your time
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