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Which error log should I look at in /var/log? Theres one called boot.log-20081005 which I think was my last bootup but it is empty.

Looking in /var/log/httpd I see a lot of different logs. One called ipsconfig_access_log-20081005 just has a lot of stuff about googlebot trying to get favicon or robot.txt obviously nothing to do with ftp. I can't find any error logs with my sites name, just old domains I tried but deleted under ispconfig.

I seem to recall there being a virtualhost error showing when the computer was saying which services it was starting, the last times I booted up.

Now my website has the default Apache start page, rather than the ispconfig one. I assume this is because the webserver is shown as offline under ispconfig.

Would it be best to just reinstall ispconfig? I don't have any data to lose if I do...
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