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Originally Posted by hosting
Which version of vsftpd does isp need?
It isn't a matter of vsftpd version. It's just that the tcpserver doesn't work on your system.

Originally Posted by hosting
and isnt proftpd insecure when compared with vsftpd?
Never had any problems.

Originally Posted by hosting
And can php4.4 be used instead of php5 cause php5 renders hosting usless cause most forums like phpbb, ipb do not work with php5 yet. So is there any package to run install with php4.4 complied and apache2 complied instead of apache 1.3??
Now you're mixing a few things up. You have your main Apache which serves your web pages. It can be Apache 1.3 or Apache 2 with PHP4 or PHP5, whichever combination you like most.
And you have the ISPConfig Apache (1.3.x with PHP5) which is running on port 81 and is merely used to serve the ISPConfig web interface. It is totally independent from your main Apache!

Originally Posted by hosting
Plus how to access the new users websites? Where do they place files
Have a look at chapter 2.2.9 on

Originally Posted by hosting
and what url to connect till their domain nameserver propagates for example in cpanel its simples http://ip/~username
You can either wait until the DNS records get propagated, or you change your clients hosts file:

Originally Posted by hosting
And which version of proftpd if needed be installed
It doesn't matter. 1.2.10 or something like that.
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