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unfortunately, this drupal installation remains elusive.

after entering the database details on drupal's install wizard (for want of a better name), it crashed. am still able to run the install by posting http://localhost/install.php in a browser and that takes me to the first page where i select the install drupal in english option. on the next screen, with url
firefox presents a blank screen with done underneath. konqueror will give this error (same as mentioned in the crash):

An error occurred while loading http://localhost/install.php?profile=default&locale=en:
Internal error in server

("page loaded." was displayed below, only to disappear again)

in the apache error log, i get the following:

[error] [client ::1] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function _user_password_dynamic_validation() in /var/www/html/
p on line 727, referer: http://localhost/install.php?profile=default

is this environment of mine perhaps a little drupal unfriendly or have i stumbled on a bug? perhaps the real bug's the one with ten fingers rattling the keyboard... sorry to 'bug' you again, but any help will be much appreciated
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