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Default FTP cannot open remote folder!?!

I'm using Dreamweaver to access first web site on an ISPConfig Fedora 9 server but I can't access it via ftp. I would rather use Dreamweaver than the ISPConfig web ftp.
After fiddling around with the settings here is what the remote site info for one individual site looks like in Dreamweaver:

Access: FTP
FTP host: I put in my server's public IP even though I can access it on my local network.
Host directory /var/www/
Login: web7_admin That's my user for the site so i assumed this would be my login.
Password: my user's password

When testing the connection I get the error:
cannot open remote folder /var/www/.
Access denied. The file may not exist or there could be a permission problem.

The firewall has port 21 open. Proftpd is working because ISPConfig has it online and enabled, and the Web-FTP on ISPConfig's panel can see the folders. Under the services it does say that the Web-server is offline and restarting it doesnt help. This is confusing though because if the webserver really is offline, how come I get an ISPConfig landing page when going to my domains from other computers in my home network, and am able to access ISPConfig?

Other attempts with putting in different ftp addresses into Dreamweaver (like had a loading bar attempting to connect but then halfway through gave a very general error message with every possible thing that could be wrong. So I think just putting in my static Public IP is all right, as it just says that the folder can't be found.

The user web7_admin has administrator privelages under that site.

What settings do I need to have to access my site with FTP?
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