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Originally Posted by mphayesuk
Just a quick question as I am thinking of doing this.... I take it that the right way of doing the raid is through linux as you have done create duplicate partitions on both drives and then raid them together using software. Its just I thought that if your moptherboard has onboard raid cant you install everything to the first harddrive and then let the onboard raid mirror to the other hard drive or does it not work like that.... Any advice you can give would be helpful.

In your situation it sounds like you have to raid partitions working... swap and / ... when you repaired the raid by syncing did you do both raids swap and / or just one of them.... justing thinking out load that if you did not do both then perhaps that caused your problem..... dont know much about this yet I am only trying it today.....

If you have any pointers please share....

hi mphayesuk! yes, ive set mine up using md software raid provided by linux. even though i do have a motherboard with onboard raid (aka fakeraid; see, the Debian Sarge 2.6 stock kernel does not support dmraid natively (or at least not during installation). therefore, you will always see two hard drives despite being setup otherwise using the onboard raid's bios. FYI, i'm using a Silicon Image 3112 onboard raid controller.

during debian install, i have done exactly what you've described. /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1 combine to become md0. /dev/sda2 and /dev/sdb2 combine to become md1. in turn, md0 becomes "/" and md1 becomes "swap".

good question about md1 (swap). from memory, it seems as though md1 was automagically sync'd after plugging in both sda & sdb. maybe that's because its designated as swap. maybe its a bug. hopefully someone can shed some light on this. i say from memory because since then, ive reformatted the drives and only have a "/" - no swap.

this second install means that i now have only md0. unfortunately, these segmentation faults still occur after simulating a hardware fault (as explained in above posts) - i suspect sdb in md0 is corrupted. given this, i think it's safe to say swap hasn't caused the problem here.

hope this extra info helps!
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