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Default Suse 10 RAID 1 How To

Ok what I have is a asus motherboard with 2 sata devices and I want to install Suse 10 64bit.

Option 1 - I use the onboard raid configuration that will mirror disk1 to disk2 and when I come to install Suse 10 there are 2 harddrives listed so what I do is install on the first one and let the motherboard handle the raid function. Any comments or problems with that ???????

Option 2 - I ignore the onboard raid and let suse do it for me, the trouble is how do I configure the hard drives partitioning when I start the installation, do I create a / partition on the first and the second as well as a swap partition on the first and second drives and then use the raid option on screen to raid them together. So in short I duplicate the partitioning on both drives and then use the software raid.

PLEASE someone give me some guidence on this.

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