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Unhappy More problems now

After sorting the above, it all seemed ok.

However I am now getting the following when trying to login to Horde:
Oct 03 09:07:53 HORDE [notice] [horde] Login success for [x.x.x.x] to Horde [on line 90 of "/usr/share/horde/login.php"]
Oct 03 09:08:45 HORDE [error] [horde] Error retrieving session data (id = hs4s45qs11nbh95j9e3e71j504): Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction [on line 110 of "/usr/share/horde/lib/Horde/SessionHandler/mysql.php"]

I have dropped and recreated the horde database, and still get the above error.

I need help please.
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