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Originally Posted by bluegrass
I did try it, but still there is an error. I guess the problem is that I configured my SMTP server IP (on the mail client) the public IP of the Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam, hardware where the mail server is connected.
And did you forward port 25 from that antivirus/antispam hardware to your SMTP server? Haven't you tried the IP address of your SMTP server itself?

Originally Posted by bluegrass
Now, here's another query:
Is there a tool or any tutorial, wherein I can populate my users database on the new mail server from the existing mail users and their passwords from the old mail server (running on Fedora 2 and sendmail and not using virtual users)? And also, how can I transfer their mails from the old server to the new server. It would really be neat that when I transfer to the new mail server, it will be transparent to my users, as if no upgrades or nothing had happened.

Thanks in advance.
There are so many different mail server setups, they all differ very much or at least slightly, so I don't think there's a tool... This is manual work...
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