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Question Mail Server Setup With Exim, MySQL, Cyrus-Imapd, Horde Webmail On Centos 5.1

I have followed the tutorial, and even redone the tutorial from scratch.
The problem I am having is that mailboxes are not being created. The only error I can find is when an email is sent to an email account created on this server via Horde. I get message indicating mailbox is missing.

Also when I log into Horde with either the administrator login, or a user created using the admin login, and go to the inbox and message in a yellow box is displayed saying "Unable to retrieve quota".

I suspect the problem is with imap.conf.

In the tutorial it has the following parameters:
servername: TDS-IMAP/POP3
autocreate_sieve_script: /etc/default_sieve
autocreate_sieve_compiledscript: /etc/default_sieve_script.bc

Should the servername parameter be changed, and if so to what?

The files referenced in the autocreate... parameters do not exist. Where can they be obtained from, and are they required?
My understanding is that if they dont exist, then it is the same as if nothing is specified for them.

Any help will be much appreciated.
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