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Originally Posted by kingtux
In ispconfig server settings for "IP" do i put public or private ip??
private IP.

What do i put for the domain?? or
the domain of the server. This domain should be not the same then any domain that you want to hoat as virtual host.

Under dns tab what do I put for default NS1 and NS2?? or
This are the defaults for the DNS-Manager.

Currently is being manged by easydns....Is this what i want??
If the domain is already managed by easydns, why do you want to use the DNS-Manager of ISPConfig? If you dont want to host a higher number of domains and have some knowledge on how the DNS Systems works, it will be easier for you to let the DNS configuration at easydns and run only web and mailserver on your server.

Under ISP Manager I created a site called what do i put for that sites ip?? public or private??
private IP.

what do i need to put it the co-domains???
subdomains of this website. If you want to get mail for and not only you should have there a co-domian with an empty host field.

Also under ISP Server status it says "WEB SERVER" is OFFLINE???? Its running cause I"m connect to the ISPconfig manager..
Thstas not the same. The ISPCOnfig controlpanel has its own webserver on port 81.

Please post the outpu of:

netstat -tap
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