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Default something new - Wrong recipient from Vacation / Postfix

i've searched and found something new: my vacation appears to "work" in that it replies to an outside sender to our system.

two problems appear though: if an outside user sends an email to a user, and "cc:'s" the actual vacationing user, the original sender gets a vacation reply from the "to:" address instead of the vacationing "cc:" (correct) address.

example: i send a test email from my yahoo account to:, and cc: ... the auto reply comes back to my yahoo account from the to: instead of the actual ...

i've looked everywhere and haven't seen this particular problem surface, yet, and i've re-installed, re-setup and still same thing.

second problem... if i send an email to a vacationing internal user using our internal email server, i don't get an auto reply, only if i send an email from external address, i.e. yahoo, hotmail, etc.

i've setup vacation exactly as the install txt explains, and it does send replies... just a bit incorrectly.

any information would be greatly appreciated.

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