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Default A little better

Removing "proxy" from each mysql entry seems to have gotten rid of the "proxy map" errors I mentioned, and my test messages sent from the mail server itself are now visible in the /home/vmail/domainname/username/new directory. However, once I saw things looking better I also sent a message from my regular email client on another computer to that same address and it still hasn't appeared in that vmail directory and I haven't received the bounce either.

I also still get this error anytime I try to use squirrelmail to login to one of the email accounts:

Feb  8 11:11:21 hostname imaplogin: chdir Maildir: No such file or directory
and the actual web page comes back with: "ERROR:
ERROR : Connection dropped by imap-server."

It's as if courier or some part of this setup is not aware of the mysql setup and is trying to find a regular Maildir.

I also still get regular sasl errors (the same three notices in my earlier posts), so perhaps this is all an authentication issue of some sort.

Any thoughts on this?
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