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This is the list of files in /var/log:

max@laptop:/var/log$ ls
acpid            debug.1.gz      lastlog             syslog.1.gz
acpid.1.gz       debug.2.gz      lpr.log             syslog.2.gz
acpid.2.gz       dist-upgrade    mail.err            syslog.3.gz
apparmor         dmesg            syslog.4.gz
apt              dmesg.0         mail.log            syslog.5.gz
auth.log         dmesg.1.gz      mail.warn           syslog.6.gz
auth.log.0       dmesg.2.gz      messages            udev
auth.log.1.gz    dmesg.3.gz      messages.0          unattended-upgrades
auth.log.2.gz    dmesg.4.gz      messages.1.gz       user.log
boot             dpkg.log        messages.2.gz       user.log.0
bootstrap.log    faillog         news                user.log.1.gz
btmp             fontconfig.log  pm-suspend.log      user.log.2.gz
cups             fsck            pycentral.log       wtmp
daemon.log       gdm             samba               wvdialconf.log
daemon.log.0     installer       scrollkeeper.log    Xorg.0.log
daemon.log.1.gz  kern.log        scrollkeeper.log.1  Xorg.0.log.old
daemon.log.2.gz  kern.log.0      scrollkeeper.log.2
debug            kern.log.1.gz   syslog
debug.0          kern.log.2.gz   syslog.0
They are quite a bit and i don't know were to start from.

I made "grep -i vodafone", "grep error" and didn't find anything interesting. "grep -i sms" returns no result.

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