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Originally Posted by falko
Normally autoresponders are for people that are absent. For example. user1 is on holidays for 2 weeks. If user2 send 10 mails to user1 in that period, it doesn't make sense to send 10 autoresponder messsages to user2 telling him user1 is on holidays - one will be enough.
Normally is not normal. I believe such decisions should be made by the user and not by the developper.

If you would like to approve the receipt of the e-mail(s) you need to sent several autoresponder messages. Iex. if you running a webshop and the user makes 2 orders on the same day. One time he get a message the other time not.

[okok, a webshop would have his own approve-modul...then let's take the service desk ^^]

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