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Originally Posted by Wojtek1 View Post
Hi !
All websites in /var/clients is in client0 directory, no matter which client of 'client list' from panel own it ... is this normal behavior?
No, thats not normal.

Second question: my panel don't create symlinks domain_name -> web[x] in /var/clients/client0/ , any sugestion ?
No. You may post it to the bugtracker and I will have a look at it in the next days

Future Request: perhaps client could use different location of web directory ?
He can do that already.

Structure like this: /var/clients/client_name/all_of_its_websites{domanin1, domain2 ...}/
This feature will foster searching particular client if webserver will be used for hosting business.
We will not implement it like this because renaming of a client would change thte path. We create symlinks for the websites and maybe we add a symlink for the client name too.

Best regards!
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