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Originally Posted by falko
root is not ok. Then something's strange on your system...
You can change the code and hard-code wwwrun into it.
I changed the code to wwwrun on a few positions around line 1081, in make_docroot() with no result.

Even if wwwrun is hardcoded, e.g. set as
$apache_user = "wwwrun"; #$this->apache_user;
(and a few other similar positions)

this has no effect.
File owner will be set as root, like described above

- Is there any debug mode to help to check out for me this problem?

- Which file permissions /home and /home/www has to be set? (/home=root.root+755 and /home/www=root.www+775 is on my system)

- wwwrun is a member from group www and has nothing to to with the admispconfig-user in /etc/passwd and /etc/groups - is that correct?

Thank you very much in advance for any hints!
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