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Default Centos 4.2 Install And Lots Of Questions .

Ok i was finally after like 5 tries able to get this control panel installed , but when it asked for domain name i put some random domain , and now i have following problems and issues:

1. The images and all popups that are supposed to popup are all blank and keep trying to connect to that all the time, resulting in making the control panel utterly useless, i have done this also :

nano /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/lib/

and edited the domain in their to the server ip , but still nothing. (Got it working now i think , but how do i setup nameservers as i got only 1 ip.)

2. The control panel doesnt work in IE at all its all blank page no login page comes up , only works with FF.

3. VSFTPD is now offline and old users probably got deleted , so how to configure ftp again .

4. Gives Following Stats under services :
Web-Server: Offline
FTP-Server: Online
SMTP-Server: Online
POP3-Server: Offline
BIND-Server: Offline
mySQL-Server: Online

I dunno than how come the control panel is working when webserver is offline.

5. Also , i tried creating a user and domain and ftp account doesnt get created neither does anything else like www/their directory or something, i have yum install httpd.i386 installed , but this cpanel works on old apache and do i need to edit any httpd.conf file to make this thing work , say when i add account it creates their folder somewhere in home etc. the apache built into centos has location of www in /var/www and main site is /var/www/html/ . So how do i create or edit http.conf so that the new users are created and a new seprate folder with their name is made in that html or somewhere on server like with cpanel it makes /home/username, how to get it going? Plus the command /etc/init.d/httpd start or stop doesnt work so to get http online i have to use httpd - k start .

7.No FTP users get created . Plus vsftpd doesnt work now and i cannot connect to it using ftp client , although service vsftpd start shows vsftpd booted. But ftp client cannot access it.

So if anyone know how to get the things working properly do let me know.

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