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Ahhh, oke, that was not written on the migrate thread i used, it actually said, and i quote "Also replace the ISPConfig database with the old one." ;-)

( falko's reply)

I ripped the data of the doctype table from db_ispconfig.sql and imported that.


i thought i worked, but when i change a resellers (the right to set ftp access) data i get:
Unknown column 'limit_ruby' in 'field list'

and when a reseller tries to change the ftp access field he gets:
Unknown column 'web_ruby' in 'field list'

checking isp_isp_reseller that field (limit_ruby) doesn't exist, so i think there are more tables that are not allowed to be migrated (i'm migrating from 2.2.23 -> 2.2.25)

- Added fields to isp_isp_reseller: limit_ruby, limit_python, limit_cron
- Added fields to isp_isp_web: web_python, web_cron
- Added field to isp_isp_user: user_cron
- Added fields to isp_isp_web_template: web_ruby, web_python, web_cron
- Added fields to isp_server: global_stats_user, global_user_password
- Added tables: dns_ptr, isp_isp_cron


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