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Originally Posted by falko
If I understand you right, the DNS records for are managed by godaddy. So there's no point in creating the DNS records for this domain again on the ISPConfig server. Remove them.

Do the DNS records for at godaddy point to your router's public IP address? If so, did you forward port 80 from your router to your ISPconfig box?
They are managed by godaddy so I'll remove any reference to DNS records under the ISPConfig DNS Manager for these two sites.

By "the DNS records for at godaddy" are you referring to the "A records"? It currently does not point to my public IP address for one of the sites, it points to what I presume is their own nameserver ( I can easily make it do so. The other site does have it pointing toward my public address. And forwarding port 80 to the ISPConfig box is no problem.

So basically you're saying that if I have a company managing my domains (like godaddy) that I should just:

1. Change their A record to point to my public IP address.
2. Make sure my router is pointing port 80 toward my ISPConfig box
3. Don't create DNS records for my sites in ISPConfig
4. Don't do "domain forwarding" from godaddy for my domains

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