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Originally Posted by marchost View Post
1)If server1 reboot, will it resync automatically with server2 upon restart?
Yes, provided that the server's downtime is < expire_logs_days. If not, then there are no logs so that the server doesn't know what to replicate.

Originally Posted by marchost View Post
2)My second question is about replication in general. Again I will suppose that server1 rebooted.

If I do (on server1)

show slave status;

I will get a "Read_Master_Log_Pos:" that does not match the output of "Position" :

(on server 2)
show master status;

Will the replication still work???
What is important is that Slave_IO_Running and Slave_SQL_Running both show Yes.
The servers might not always be 100% in sync - depending on network load or server load it can take a few seconds until a server catches up.

If you need to repair replication, this tutorial might be interesting:
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