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Question Virtual Hosting: How do I set this up?

I'm having trouble understanding this whole virtual hosting process (I know, I know, I'm not the first and I appreciate you guys being so helpful and patient with us newbs). I just want to do straight up webhosting for just a couple of sites.

I've already set up my server using ubuntu 5.10 breezy following the HowTo instructions and ISPConfig. Everything appears to be running properly (although I don't know how to test the email system, I was able to log into the ftp and can get a "shared ip" webpage by URLing 192.168.x.x), and ISPConfig is available to my internal network computers and it's accessible from a browser on the internet using https.

Now, I've set up two websites using ISPConfig. Even though I only have one IP address, I understand that they can both be accessible to the Internet using their domain names using virtual hosting. The settings I have are this:

My domain name provider settings:
currently and are set to forward to my ip address

http://24.7.x.x. (I've read your previous postings that I should turn the
forwarding off, but until I get this Linux box set up properly I need to have the domains available for the live site I already have running on my Windows XP box at this address)

godaddy nameservers for both domain names are still set to their default nameservers:


they also have a DNS control panel that allows me to change the A host, CNAMES, and MX servers (but I don't change any of that stuff to do what I'm trying to do, right?)

For my router:

I have the http, smtp, ftp, etc forwarding set to point to my 192.168.x.x linux box. The router is set to automatically get it's DNS addresses from my ISP.

For ISPConfig:

Server is named "ubuntu" (hostname, right? the domain is, so this computer would be located on my internal network at, right?)

I set up the two websites, each using these settings under ISP Manager:

Hostname: www
IP Address: 192.168.x.x
Create DNS: Checked
Create DNS-MX: Checked

Under DNS Manager:

Domain Tab:
Server: Server 1
Domain (SOA):
IP Address: should this be 192.168.x.x or my external ip 24.7.x.x? From the previous posts I've seen, it sounds as if it should be 24.7.x.x.

Options Tab:
Admin Email:
Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

Records Tab:
A Record: IP Address 192.168.x.x, Hostname www
CNAME: nothing entered here
MX: Mailserver, Hostname www
SPF: Hostname

Which of these settings do I need to change in order for the domain name-based hosting to work? I feel like I'm really close to success here because I can occasionally get the ISPConfig webpages to come up when I'm just messing around with the settings, but I obviously need help here.

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