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Default Master Master replication questions and problems

I set up a master master replication as explained by falko how-to.

It works but I ran in some problems.

Let say there is a replication between server1 and server2 (master-master)

1)If server1 reboot, will it resync automatically with server2 upon restart?

From what Ive seen, it doesnt seem to resync automatically but maybe I did something wrong.

Everytime I reboot a machine I have to :

stop slave;
reset slave;
reset master;
start slave;

because log position is not the same...

on both machines and then find tables that are not in sync with maatkit :

#mk-table-checksum h=server1,u=root,p=pass h=server2,u=root,p=pass | mk-checksum-filter

and resync tables - in this example table1 on db1 (on server1 that rebooted):

mk-table-sync --synctomaster --execute h=localhost,u=root,p=pass,D=db1,t=table1

2)My second question is about replication in general. Again I will suppose that server1 rebooted.

If I do (on server1)

show slave status;

I will get a "Read_Master_Log_Pos:" that does not match the output of "Position" :

(on server 2)
show master status;

Will the replication still work??? I mean, is it necessary to do stop slave, reset master, reset slave, start slave on both to restart the replication?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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