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Exclamation RoundCube login and username problems with multiple domains

I'm quite new with RCube and I realy need your help!

I'm running my own dedicated server with CentosOS 4.6 system. For administration things i'm using Webmin 1.400, plus i'v got nearlly 30 domains runing on my webserver. The thing is, that i installed RCube on my webserver and I want to use it instead of squiremail.

Problem Nr.1 50% Solved
When I creating a user for some domain with Webmin it creates like this: user.domain and to login to RCube to check email I must enter exactly same username, like system created for me. I tried to to chane and entered value: $rcmail_config['virtuser_file'] = '/etc/postfix/virtusertable'; but still I need to login by user.domain.
How can I do to login like ?

1/2 - I have changed $rcmail_config['virtuser_file'] = '/etc/postfix/virtusertable';to $rcmail_config['virtuser_file'] = '/etc/mail/virtusertable'; - now I can login normaly

2/2 - How to disable logging as : user.domain ?

Problem Nr.2
In file as default host i put 'localhost', and thats looked to be allright, but when I checked settings and look at identities i saw this:
Name: user.domain
Email: user.domain@localhost

And of course if i woun't change my email setings to normal, then person who receives my email my addres will see like this:

How to make automaticly set settings this way:
Name: user
that receiver will see normal user addres:

Thanks in advance for your help

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